PWC Platforms & Drive On Boat Lifts

wave armor jet ski lift

Wave Armor Pro Maxx 5'

Wave Armor jet ski lifts for personal watercrafts are 100% RotoMolded tough for extreme performance and durability and are foam filled for a virtually unsinkable investment. These PWC Ports are the easiest Drive On/Roll Off Port in the market. Designed with the PWC and Jet Ski enthusiast in mind, all Wave Armor PWC Ports include features that are above and beyond industry our largest PWC lift in the fleet. the PRO Maxx 5 and 6 are both longer and wider, and more adjustable to fit your water activity needs.

Lifting capacity up to 1,600 lbs.
Color options include: Tan

Wave Armor Pontoon Port

The Wave Armor Pontoon Port is a game changer for drive-on boat lifts. There is no power needed, first pontoons and tritoons up to 27 feet, and allows you to be on the water in seconds. No more guessing if you are aligned with your life before exit your boat. The ease of these pontoon drive on boat lifts makes your boat experience stress free!

Features include:
• Heavy duty self centering entrance guides
• Adjustable bow stop
• Adjustable center beam to fit most pontoons
• 22 Bow-tie rollers for easy on/off loading*
• Multiple molded-in mounting pockets. Front and side mounting options.

Lifting capacity up to 4,800 lbs.
Color options include: Tan

wave armor drive on drive off boat lift

Wave Armor Extreme X24 Boat Port

The Wave Armor Extreme X24 is the best Drive On/Drive Off boat port that once again sets a new standard in the boat docking industry. Designed to accommodate a wide range of boats from 23' to 32' long and up to 8,000 lbs. of weight capacity. Incorporate this Drive On/Drive Off boat port in your dock and experience the ease of storing your boat effortlessly.

Lifting capacity up to 8,000 lbs.
Color options include: Tan Flagstone Textured Finish

Wave Armor Pro 8 Boat Lift

The newest addition to the Wave Armor boat port line! The Pro 8 Boat Port is engineered to be the most customizable docking system, supporting boats up to 4,200 lbs.

Features include:
• Simple port assembly
• Varied wheel density* ensures soft port entrance
• Center front roller* adjusts up/down in 3” pockets, raising or lowering the bow as needed
• Side mounting pockets to fit additional Wave Armor accessories
• Big centering V-shape in entrance for easy entrance to port, even if not perfectly centered or at an angle
• Optional 10” side wings for port expansion to increase floatation and/or walking surface
• Bow stop is adjustable by more than 48” and has the ability to be fixed or help push boat remotely into water

Lifting capacity up to 4,200 lbs.
Color options include: Tan Flagstone Textured Finish

drive on floating boat lift