Dock Services

Goldner Promise

Goldner Docks offers a 2-year Warranty on Workmanship/Construction and our materials carry Manufacturers Warranty.  Goldner Dock Construction has been building docks in Oklahoma for more than 25+ years and will be here for years to come to service your docks.  

boat slip fill in

Maintenance & Service

Goldner Dock Construction has been building quality docks for more than 25+ years. With our new dock construction, we offer maintenance and service of dock systems. If you do not own a Goldner Dock, please reach out to learn more about how we can help you with your dock maintenance and service.

When chosing a dock builder, make sure you are using a company with longevity that will be here years from now to help service and maintenance your dock system.

Gangway/Stiff Arm Construction

More Information Coming Soon


Wave Attenuators

Add safety and protection for your dock, boat, and lake goers with wave attenuators. Breakwaters help protect your dock by slowing down and minimizing the effects of rough water and wake.
General Information about our Wave Attenuators
-Frame is box truss framework with angle iron to be used for side chords of truss.
-Encapsulated Styrofoam Floats (Hunt Water Absorption Tested)
-Hot-dip galvanization -Sea Anchors consisting of 5/8" galvanized sea chain leader attached to fairlead on breakwater frame. Sea Chain will be connected to 5/8" stainless steel cable that will be attached to 7,500 lb. concrete block placed on lakebed. -Warning Lights -US Coast Guard approved solar warning lights with GPS synchronized flash to be installed every 20' along length of attenuator.

Storm/Wind Repair

Unfortunately, wind and storm damage can happen on any body of water. At Goldner Dock Construction, we have capabilities for offering storm/wind repair on your dock, walkways and boat lifts.

Contact us to learn more.

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dock relocation

Dock Relocation

At Goldner Dock Construction we have capabilities to move docks and assist in dock relocation.

Contact to learn more about the process and get a quote for your dock relocation project.

Flotation Replacement

Are you needing your dock floatations replaced? Foam floats are no longer allowed on lakes. Our floats are Encapsulated Styrofoam Floats and are Hunt Water Absorption Tested.

Get a quote for your flotation replacement project.

Dock Addition With Garage Door

Dock Additions

Looking to add another slip or storage shed to your existing dock? We are ready to get started! Get a quote for your dock addition today!

Decking Replacement

If you are looking to upgrade your dock decking look no further.

We offer pre-cast concrete decking, composite decking, aluminum decking, and exotic hardwood options (IPE Brazilian & Kayu Batu Malaysian).

dock decking replacement
boat slip fill in

Boat Slip Fill-In

No longer need your boat slip? Looking for more seating options on your dock?

We offer boat slip fill-in services!

Anchoring systems

Please call or request a quote for more information on our anchoring systems.

dock anchoring system