Dock Accessories

Browse our selection of dock accessories that includes: boat lifts, PWC platforms, dock benches, ladders, bumpers and dock protection, dock lockers, jump platforms, water slides, over-the-water hammocks, mooring whips, paddleboard & kayak racks, dock cleats, fish cleaning tables, flag poles, rope swings, and more! When you are building your custom boat dock with Goldner Dock Construction you can add any and all of the available accessories to your dock. 

Boat Lifts

Goldner Docks is proud to be an Authorized Duraktek Boat Lifts' dealer for Grand Lake and Oklahoma.

DuraTek has boat lift models to fit nearly every make and model of boats ranging from 4,400 – 40,000 lbs. Store and secure your boat all year long, protect your boat from damage, vandals, and theft, and make boat ownership and enjoyment easier than you ever thought it could be.

PWC Lifts

Protect your PWC with a Wave Armor jet ski platform. Want the easiest load and launch waverunner lift offered? We represent Wave Armor PWC Lifts full-line of Jet Ski platforms.

The PWC platforms can attach to your floating dock and make storing your PWC on the water a breeze.

dock bench in water

Dock Benches

Our Dock Bench is an all-aluminum dock bench with superior welds that make it easy and safe to enjoy the water. Plus, the durable, lightweight design makes it easy to lift out for dry storage! Simply rotate the bench on the mounting brackets to store.


We are happy to be a Wet Steps Authorized Retailer. Add a powder-coated ladder to your new or existing dock.
Available in multiple colors including red, blue, yellow, orange, green and more! Click here to see Wet Step Color Options.

day dock with ladder

Dock Rollers & Bumpers

Offering EZ-N Dock Rollers (yellow rollers in photo) to protect your dock and watercraft for years to come. The rollers allow your boat to roll off the if accidently bumped. Without rollers, your dock and boat can potentially sustain damage.

Ask us about adding bumpers and boat/dock protection to your dock today.
*Rollers ONLY come in the color black now.

Dock Lockers

Need additional dock storage? We offer TitanStor dock lockers. These dock lockers can be attached to your dock or can be installed with an off-dock mounting bracket so you do not lose any dock space. Colors: white and grey

Ready to add durable storage to your dock? Get a quote today!

dock locker dock storage dock box
Dock Jump Platform

Jump Platforms

Enhance your dock with the Wet Steps Jump Platform. Imagine watching the kids (and adults!) jump off of this for hours! Add a jump platform to your custom dock today!

We offer 6-Step and 8-Step jump platforms

Water Slides

Take your dock to the next level for kids and adults with this durable water slide! This enclosed ladder and molded handrail are designed for maximum safety. The unique GrandRapids water delivery system offers lots of rushing water for a fun ride!
This Typhoon slide stands 7'4" tall to the top of the handrails and is available in sandstone and gray granite.

water slide on dock
on-water hammocks

Over-the- Water Hammocks

Step up your relaxation with our over-the-water dock hammocks/netting. Relaxing over the water never felt so good!

Ask us about adding this accessory to your dock today!

Mooring Whips

If you have visitors to your dock or lake home, mooring whips are a great way to keep your dock and your visitor's boat free from damage. Mooring Whips are mounted to the dock to help assist in keeping your boat a safe distance from the dock. Prevent damage by using the mooring whip system that pulls the boat attached a safe, convenient distance away from the dock thereby protecting both the boat and dock from damages caused by waves, wind, and wake.

mooring whips on dock
kayak rack on dock

Paddle Board & Kayak Racks

Goldner Docks manufactures paddle board and kayak racks to safely store and free up dock space.

Dock Cleats

Dock cleats can be placed around the parameter of your dock for tying up boats, PWCs, kayaks, paddle boats, bouys and more!

dock cleat

Fish Cleaning Table

By adding a fish cleaning table to your dock you can now do it all right from your dock!

Flag Pole

Show your patriotism by installing a custom flag pole on your dock! With this flag pole accessory, you can proudly fly the American Flag, State, University, or your business flag above your dock! We offer standard or telescoping flag poles mounted on docks.

flag pole on dock
rope swings on dock

Rope Swings

Adding a rope swing to your dock can add hours of fun to your dock experience.
Ask about the rope swings we install on docks today!